I am on fire today!

Had a great first class teaching the play I didn’t want to teach (mentioned in the last post). It was one of those amazing lessons where I looked out on the sea of faces before me and saw interest and comprehension registering.

My eating was great, too – only ate what I really wanted to (including a little piece of cake) and stopped on the way home to get some salad for lunch tomorrow.  Didn’t eat enough protein but had some lentil balls when I got home.

Dodged a misery bullet from a work colleague who just wanted to whinge and whine about her life – she has the tendency to be a black hole when it comes to support (you never get anything back) so I have pulled back a little – I only have so much energy to give! And I deserve to give some of it to myself!

So all well at Chateua Lucknow and onwards to becoming the person I want to be! How very new age bullshit of me!