God, I’m so hungry – no I’m not, thirsty. Oh, Pizza Hut! No, thirsty. Ice cream? No, water. Juice! No, look at the line. Too dear anyway. Water. Buddhist restaurant Three choices with rice, $10! No, drink some water.  

Repeat for 2 hours.

Myer! Jeans? Only if they fit. These nearly fit! A couple of kilos – No. They don’t fit. Jumper!? You have enough. You need pants for work. Jacket?! No, you have 800 coats at home. Target! Jeans? No, high waist. Ugly. Agreed. Jeans that fit that look normal! Sweet, let’s fuck off out of here! Check out chocolate!? No, water. Water in drink machine!! No…wait till you get home. It’s 10 minutes and you have a filter jug there. Tight arse! Yeap. 100%, lady.

Come home, Greek Salad and lentil balls for lunch. Oh, and water.

I missed one night of the Jon Gabriel CD and didn’t feel right the next day. Didn’t feel focussed and while I was eating morning tea with a visiting friend the next day I ordered what I thought I should not what I needed. At lunch I was still so full from morning tea I just had a juice with wheatgrass in it and ended the day feeling much better than when i woke up. Listened to the CD last night but was so restless I’m not sure any of it sunk in. Oh, well…it was listened to and today is going very well!