I have been enjoying Syndian’s  range of vegetarian and vegan foods for a while, but they are so hard to get hold of! So I have found the esky and downloaded the map – I’m off to Mulgrave to stock up. One thing the Gabriel Method recommends is going easy on the gluten, and as so much vegetarian food is gluten based (especially to a mock meat lover like me!) I have been looking for an alternative which can still dish up the protein. But Mulgrave! Shit! A good hour’s drive from where I am! And I have no sense of direction and possess no ability to read a map! No use asking the bloke to come, he’s off buying a new tennis racquet after seeing pictures of how skinny we were at our wedding  less than 2 years ago.

The Gabriel Method is going fantastically – plenty of water, not overeating, great quality food, and feeling very happy. The real test will start next week when I’m back at work and fighting to get 10 minutes to myself to eat lunch while demanding students bang on the staffroom door demanding that we answer their questions right now. It’s hard not to be rude to them, especially for a bitch like me. I think I am going to take my lunch and go and sit on the lawn outside to eat it to escape them and enjoy the sunlight. There is a park nearby I could always go to as well…

I did have a moment of pure horror last night in the change rooms of Target when I sat down to pull some jeans off I was trying on and caught sight of myself in the mirror. I don’t think I’ve seen myself from that particular unflattering angle before. I froze. I was huge. I couldn’t believe the sheer bulk of me! That and the too small jeans really depressed me for a while but I bought a bottle of water instead of chocolate and forced myself to think positive. There’s no point lamenting over how I look now – just have to move forward and lose this weight that is holding me down.  I went out to dinner and drank water with my meal, eating considerably less than I would have previously. The meal was delicious but I just enjoyed it for what it was instead of shovelling it in as I scanned the table to see where my next plateful was going to come from. I also ate very slowly and stopped a few times which is another GM recommendation.

Anyway time for this happy camper to print off the map and go. I’m a bit scared to be honest! LOL!


I made it back alive! Only missed one exit and one turn – that’s pretty good going for me! The food was so cheap – got a 1 kilo bag of lentil bites for $18 (they are $11 for 250 grams at Macro!) and a heap of seconds for 50% off! Spent $115 and estimate to buy all that stuff at Macro would have cost close to $350. Well worth the 100km drive in my lovely car with 65 tolls! 😛

As for your question about the fat content of their products Amy, they are between 5.5gr and 8.5gr per 100grams, so not bad at all. Very easy to cook too, most just get bunged in the microwave for a minute. Did you ring them and see if they are stocked anywhere in Canberra?

Now for operation clean my office! I am not-NOT-NNOOTT looking forward to this one – there is shit everywhere, boxes of it, piles of it teetering dangerously close to – well, other shit and the whole lot could collapse on me and I won’t be found until dinner time. But it must be done – because this term is (apparently) the hard term, the term where reports are due and crap. So I need to be able to locate my desk.

Wish me luck! And while you’re bored, go and check out this – too funny!