I’ve been making and eating Greek Salad for five years now – ever since the bloke confessed that the recipe was one of the most valuable things to come out of his relationship with his ex the Greek.

Always the same recipe. Always 30 gr feta per serve. Why? Because that’s what I saved when I entered the meal in Calorie King. Did I ever want more feta? Sure -every time I ate it.

And tonight that’s what I did. I put 1/4  a block of Lemnos on each serve. A big 50grams!

The 30gram rule was ridiculous, right? Wrong. It was my sad arse life. Never again! 🙂

PS: I just had a flashback to the old WW days – I weighed MILO! 10 GRAMS OF MILO! Like my arse was going to explode if I had 12 GRAMS! Laughing as I type this…what the fuck was I thinking!