Strange shenanigans here at Chateau Lucknow (that’s my house). I am on holidays and have time to slump and slurp around the house in my nightie all day, navel gazing and lamenting my lack of enthusiasm for clearing the rest of the shit in the dining/sunroom.

Today I woke up and thought “Even if it takes all day, I have to clear that room!” The procrastination had reached fever pitch. I finished it just before dinner and yes, Chris, I will take a mofo picture when I find the camera!

So what is reallystrange is what I have been eating after listening to my body. I would estimate I have been chugging 3 litres of water a day – unheard of for me of late! And normally I hate drinking after 6pm as I have to wee all night (TMI?) but no issue so far on that front. This proves that I must have been so fucking dehydrated it wasn’t funny! I have also had no desire for sugary food for 2 days – I can usually last about an hour before thinking about chocolate. I opened a mini calippo before and after two bites had to put it back in the freezer because all I felt like was water. I know! This is fucked up!  

For breakfast this morning all I could think about was avocado and nuts. I had a slice of toasted sprouted wheat bread (again – I know this is fucked up. I never thought I would eat such hippie crap and I’m a vegetarian!) with a big chunk of avocado and sunflower seeds on top. I ate LSA on a spoon. My Omega 3 levels must have been flat-lining.

I have listened to Jon’s meditationon my iPod as I am going to sleep and the whole time I am thinking “Jon, you are such a hippie” (lol) but it’s working! I am sleeping better, and feel like I am on the right path.

I’m off to drink another glass of water. And sitting in a Myer bag are the brand new scales I purchased 3 weeks ago. I’m returning them on Saturday – I don’t care what I weigh anymore. I’ll know I’m losing weight when the size 18 jeans I have in my drawer fit me. Bloody hell! I can’t help but laugh as I type this!