I don’t want to tackle today! I want to sit in front of the TV and watch the two episodes of Pride and Prejudice I taped last week. I want to sit in my pajamas all day and relax.

But I can’t. As mentioned in the last post, the dining/sunroom looks like someone has trashed it…it’s where all the junk has sat since we moved in here. We can’t even use the dining table at the moment as is is covered in about 5 million anodised items that need to be sold (like the above cake tin that I sold on eBay last year), displayed or stored. There’s boxes that need to be emptied. There’s crap I just plain don’t know what to do with. It’s depressing…and I need to get through it today. Otherwise this house will never be unpacked and uncluttered and I will be the world’s biggest procrastonator forever! I have been away for a few days for our 5 year anniversary, so today is the first day I have had to start it. And I don’t want to!

I also have some marking to plow through today which can’t wait. That sucks too!

I’m sure I’ll feel better when the dining room is finished. I’ll even try and find our camera to take some pics!

More later…



Christ! Over half way…and have now had half a bottle of red to cope! Will complete tomorrow morning and yes, Chris, if I can locate the bloody camera will take some photos!!!