It sucked too. All that crap I didn’t want to deal with, all those questions I didn’t want to have to answer. Like will I ever make home made washing detergent again? I have all the ingredients, but we have a new machine which is a top loader that works like a front loader so we use the front loader detergent. I have decided I will, and see what happens…if it foams out of control, I will clean up the mess before the bloke gets home, but after I take a photo to stick on here!  I love the home made detergent. So cheap and it doesn’t smell! I hate perfume in things, especially those plug-into-powerpoint things.

Next stop is Monika’s Doggie Rescue to have a play with some of the dogs. I have decided to volunteer my time and go on a roster for customer service once every 2 or 3 weeks to try and curb my urge to get another dog. Who knows if it will work? Fingers crossed!

After that I will start on the sunroom/dining room. Holy crap, you should see it! There is stuff everywhere! Unpacked boxes, stuff all over the dining table…I will post a photo so you can laugh. I also have to sand and paint four doors to a kitchen cupboard (the rest of the unit was completed over a year ago!) to get the room really finished. This one is going to suck arse! 😐