…says Peter Walsh. Ok…this morning I will start with the laundry.

Walsh recommends that you create a vision for the room: what do you want that room to be? Which seems ridiculous for a laundry, right? The very name kind of gives away what dreams I have for the space! But Peter, I’ll play along…

  • I want a laundry that has a clean sink. Where if I need to wash our smelly dog I can put her right in the tub and fill it up with water.
  • I want only things in there that I will use – apart from the maching and tumble drier, I want the ironing board and iron, and a clothes rack to dry small things on.
  • I want a washing basket that is emptied every weekend and doesn’t have the hand wash things at the bottom that I can’t be arsed washing or don’t know what to do with (like the red knitted handbag I paid $5 for two years ago that has been sitting forlorn at the bottom of one basket because it seems too much bother to clean it.
  • I want to be able to open the door without anything blocking it – like that quilt that needs washing which has sat on the floor for a week.
  • I want the bloke’s shoes (smelly, must be banished to laundry!) to be contained on a shoe rack!
  • I want only one broom, mop and bucket to be stored in there – how many floors do I have?
  • I want the dirty plastic containers with little bits and bobs of crap in them to be gone!  

Ok, I’m off to do that now! Second stop – dining room (*shudders*)