Here types the woman (like many of us I imagine) with a wardrobe full of shit I can’t wear. Thousands of dollars worth of clothes – some never worn – all sitting there depressing me. Hang on, is that true? Maybe not…I think it’s a case of making me frustrated that they don’t fit me. I like to tell myself that if they did fit me I would wear them, but really how would I know? Most of it I’ve never worn. On the one hand I’d love to throw it out but I won’t – I’m worried when I get to goal weight I’ll regret it. Letting go of it is not an option. I threw a heap of crap out (inspired – or is that ordered? by CKK and Kate last year) and the remaining stuff is stuff I would really love to wear. 

My dietician-and-shrink-rolled-into-one has recommended that I don’t set myself a time limit for losing this weight but I don’t think I can throw myself into it without having an end date in sight. I know I will need to maintain, but that is not as hard as the relentless grind of losing weight. I want to go hard till the end of the year then see where I’m at. 

There has to be a time when I gather up all the clothes that don’t fit and stick it all on ebay. I haven’t kept anything under a size 14 (can’t imagine myself any smaller than that!) so I’m not being too unrealistic. There are no high waisted late 80’s dream jeans. I think the releasing of the clothes will have to be done on December 27th. Anyone want a ticket to the showing? 😛